Make your loft extra special 
with our skylights. Skylights let
in more light than vertical
windows, making your bed 
a comfy and cozy spot.

Loft Rooms
Tubular Skylights operate
completely on the sun's solar energy.
No wiring or switches - just free
light with all the positive benefits
of natural lighting. The high-impact acrylic dome captures sunlight on the roof during the daylight hours. The flashing housing protects the entire system from weather elements.
Tubular Skylights
Imagine how stuffy this room
might feel without a skylight.
More light always gives the
feeling of more space, as does
providing a view to the universe.

Even though you're outdoors,
let even more sunshine in
with skylights to any outdoor 
gazebo or patio. You'll love the
sun (and those night stars)
even more with skylights. 


For about the cost of a nice light
fixture, Tubular Skylights will
transform any dark space by filling
it with soft, evenly dispersed
natural light.

Let the Sunshine In
Skylights are an effective
means of bringing additional
natural light to kitchens, an
important consideration, given
that artificial light can affect the
color rendition of foods.

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